19 September 2010

Tomorrow is for us to write

The days lost track , and time went back
To a chair in a coffee shop , you next to me.
You ordered a cake with a strawberry on top,
i ordered black coffee, dark as all my old days.

I was so nervous and had many things on mind,
I lit my cigarette and let smoke drew my words and lines
I told you my story, and the thoughts i had on mind
The book of my life was opened all clear in-front of your eyes.

The stories were sad and painful , and the words were wet with tears
but with the end of each chapter, i felt you closer to me
Then we came to a blank page with both our names on top
and i asked you if you would join me in writing the rest of days
You took the pen and wrote with an ink from our tears and bloods
“Yesterday was a story , tomorrow is for us to write”

73353600 (sec)

Tomorrow is for us to write