14 July 2010

Lets Say Goodbye

Its time to leave, for us to part,for each to choose his path in life.
For once we were walking together, I know its hard but its the time to leave.
We leave with sadness and words unsaid, a fake smile saying I'll be fine.
But I will miss you , and so will you, I guess now its time to leave.
Lets pause the time for one more minute , there are some pictures I need to take.
I need to save this corner in mind , cause this will be the last goodbye.
Lets say goodbye. Lets have a hug.... Oki see you later... or lets just pretend...


chantale jbeily said...

OK i have tears in my eyes :( !!! mwaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

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nightS said...

I hate goodbyes!! :(

jennifer said...

we will see each other later for sure and we won't pretend we may no longer see each other each day but we will still be in contact or i will kill u 2 :) mwahhh
it's not a goodbye :D
Goodluck for my 2 best colleagues ever without you 2 my stay wouldn't be bare-able and u know it
mwahh with all the love
p.s enno couldn't u pick a better pic :P

Bahaafe said...

I don't Remember we were ever drunk as that night :)

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