16 July 2010

Beirut … The Remains Of The Past

Beirut, one of the oldest cites in the middle east , it geos back in history to more that 5000 years. This city that we live in stand on the memories of many cultures that have been living in it before " Phoenician, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Crusader and Ottoman remains " http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beirut#History . Its sad that we can harldy find any place of these cultures, few are saved and others were destroyed either by nature force or by war.  And unfortunatly and till this moment the destroyng of this city's heritage is continuing

I know this topic has been mentioned in many blogs and my news articles but what made me talk about it now is an Egyptian  movie.
Well yes an Egyptian  movie that
I accidentally stumbled while moving through the channels.
The movie; and as mama told me, goes back to the early 70's or late 60's.
In one of the scenes and  the actors were in the boat by the Pigeon Rocks in Raouche, and as the camera was moving I saw this building  , it was still new and young same as "Mirvat Ameen" was :) . Its been there facing the Pigeon Rocks for more than 50 years, a  part of the place and its history.

I feel afraid that this building will be destroyed for the sake of a new tower or hotel, same as many buildings have been demolished and erased form the history of Beirut . I'm worried that one day the building ; that has passed the Lebanese Civil  war and the Israeli attacks, will not exist and might be replace with a Mall or 5 star residence.
I hope that this building will get back its beauty ( like the actor did with the botox ) and stand for a longer time facing the Pigeon Rocks.
I really hope to see some action to save remains of the past.



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Mich said...

I love that building... Have know it forever and usually look out for it on the way from the airport to Hamra whenever I come back to Beirut. I too hope it will never go down... :-)

Bahaafe said...

Really hope so...

Janine Lesuer said...

We appreciate you the advice! I can try it out.

Kerry Alexandra said...
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