06 February 2010

WEDDING FOLIES 2010 - Beirut

Wedding Folies ... an events that takes place for the 7th year in BIEL - Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure Center , and since am not into marriage plans, i never thought of attending such event. But this year a friend of mine got us invitations so we decided to go. The sections in the events hall were fancy and glittery, many models were dressed as brides to get attention to their stand, decorated cars, flower arrangments , food catering, all the things that a bride might dream to put in her wedding. but all these will not make a wedding complte if there was no wedding dress, and for that we decided to watch the fashion show which was taking place in the event.

When we entered the hall , a tv presenter was trying to give a report to her tv station (mbc) but her voice was so tired because of the cold weather. We walked to our seats , the second raw and for the first time i was face to face with the (VIP class people ) a silicone made faces . i was shocked how all the photographers in the event were rushing to take pictures of the VIP'S rather than taking the pictures of the fashion show, but later on i knew that these ladies pay money for the picture so that they will appear in every single news paper and social magazine.... It was fun seeing these people for the first time not from a magazine , but live , and this time to see more clearly not just the face lips and boobs and eyes, but that fake way they act and fake life they live away for the real pain and suffer the Lebanese people are living.

Here are some pics i took in the event


The fake Society

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