14 January 2010

Pon And Zi Quotes

Oww! You Kissed My Eye, Buttwipe!
I'll Just Pretend To Hug You Until You Get Here.
Even If You Were Horrifically Disfigured In A Freak Accident And Looked Like Thiiiis I'd Still Love You.
Hugs $5
'I Love You'.,,,'Lalala..lala..la'
Keep Me Safe While I Sleep.
Holding A Heart : I Hope Now That I Took It Out, You Will Keep It Cuz I Don't Have A Clue How To Put It Back. And If You Don't Want It Cuz It's Full Of Blood. Don't Worry Cuz I Can Wash It Off, And Put A Ribbon Around It. Anyways Just Wanted To Say I Love You...By The Way, I'm About To Faint, So Take It Fast...
Aww...The Sky Is Crying.
Pointing At A Flower : You Should Meet My Girlfriend. I Bet She Could Teach You How To Be Pretty.
Pouting : When I Put My Lips Like This, I Want You To Kiss Me.
I Made you A Cookie But I Eated It.
You Won't Go To Heaven Because You'll Make The Other Angels Look Ugly.
Looking at Heart On Floor : Oh, Look It's Beating For You.
If My Heart Had a Face, It Would Be Smiling.
Teddies Don't Hug Back, But Sometimes They're All You Have.
You Made My Heart Too Happy, So I Vomited Blood.
Can You Get The Plague From Loving Someone Too Much?
Wake Up, Love! The Sun Came To See You!
If I Promise Not To Kill You, Can I Have A Hug?
Hands Over Heart Please Don't Break This.
Even Heaven Is Hell Without You.
If I Can't Hear Your Heartbeat, Your Too Far Away.
I Went To Pick Your A Flower, But It Was A Venus Fly Trap And It Bit My Head, So I Killed It And Got You This Piece Of Grass Instead.
'Did You Know That When A Penguin Has Found It's Mate, They Stay Together for The Rest Of Their Lives?'...'Be My Penguin?'
Holds Umbrella Over Other : If You Get Wet, You'll Get Sick.
Hearts Blown Up : Look what You Diiid! It Started Feeling Funny When I First Saw You And Nooow Look At It...
No Matter How Much I Practise, I Can't Get Drawings Of You Pretty Enough.
I Tried To Write A Poem Today, But I Had A Writers Block...So, This Is All I Came Up With: 'Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, There's Only One Way To Say This, And Thats "I Love You"'
Hugging Each Other : Did You Swallow A Magnet Too? I Feel Like I Can't Pull Away.
Holding Bleach : If You Stop Loving Me...I'll Swallow It.
Pointing To A Big Bug : Umm, Be Happy, Ok? I Killed It For You.
Holding A Dandelion : I Wish You would Love Me.
Reaching : I Would Hug You If My Arms Weren't So Nubbly.
Holding Key: I give You The Key To My Heart.
Under Water If You Leave I Might Die.

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