20 January 2010

Lebanese Women Rights & Nationality Law Project -

The current nationality law in Lebanon (decree 15 dated January 19, 1925) discriminates against Lebanese women and undermine their status as equal citizens. Lebanese Women married to foreigners cannot grant their nationality to their children and spouses and thus, they are deprived of their basic rights as citizens. The nationality law is negatively affecting not only Lebanese women but their families as well. Some of the negative aspects are access to education, access to health and social services, and the right to work in certain professions.

Such discriminatory laws send the message that women do not enjoy a direct relationship with the state. Until women in Lebanon are recognized as full nationals and citizens, they cannot participate fully in public life, nor claim the other rights to which they are entitled as equal members of their societies.

It is time to reform the current Lebanese nationality law
It is time to reiterate women’s right to equality
It is time to isolate politics from equality

Lebanese women should have the right to grant their nationality to their spouses and children. This is their right and it must be acquired.


We the undersigned, call on the Lebanese government to reform the legislative decree No. 15 of January 19, 1925 (Nationality Law) towards equality between men and women.

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